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Benvenuti ad A´Cràpa Mangia!
Welcome to A´Cràpa Mangia!


Dear guests,

We are happy to welcome you on our manor and wish you a pleasent stay. Please enjoy the sea view, the silence and the beautiful Mediterranean plants.

On this page you find all information from A to Z around our services, excursions and cultural sights, current bus and boat schedules as well as restaurant recommendations in the area.

You can download it all together as a pdf​ for when you are out.

Please let us know in case may need something else to enjoy your stay here even more!

Buone Vacanze wish you

Lucia & the team of A' Crápa Mangia

A' Crápa Mangia from A to Z - Our services for you

Bread order, Coffee, Water, Vine and homemade products

Our baker delivers every morning fresh croissant, crunchy bread and ciabatta. You can order by writing it on your labelled personal sheet to be found in the bar. The next morning the baker puts the ordered bread in the basket with the name of your apartment.

A self-service coffee machine is also situated in the bar, which makes an authentic Italian espresso. The coffee is laid out in the bar. You can buy bottled water as well as fine vines of the region in our bar.  Delicacies of the region as well as homemade products like olive oil, tomato sauce, limoncello and a variety of jams are also available in the bar.

Please help yourself, and register the items on your labelled sheet of paper, or ask Lucia or Costabile for help. You can pay for all the goods on the day of your departure. 


Fresh fruit, vegetables and herbs

On the manor there are apricot trees, cherry trees, pomegranate, oranges, lemons, mandarins, fig trees and artichokes. Rosemary, as well as herbs like salvia, parsley, basil, oregano and chive are growing in the garden. Please feel free to pick them and enjoy! 


Cleaning and washing

Rosa our cleaning staff is happy to help you with the cleaning. Please get in touch with us to arrange an appointment (8€ for an hour). You can also let us do your laundry. Therefore you can put your laundry in front of the laundrette with a note including your name, apartment and the temperature for washing. Once the laundry is done, we bring it again back to you (4 € for a load).

Bedlinen, tablecloth and towels

A set of towels can be rent for 5 €, and is including a big, a medium and a small towel. Bed linen and dishcloths are changed after 8 days. Please let us know if you would like to get it changed more often (10€ for a double bed).


Gas heating ad open log fire

Each apartment has in the distribution box a button for the heating system. The usage of it is calculated on the base of hours. Please note that you need to switch of the button in the board to switch of the heating system and to stop the usage of it. You can get the wood for the wood stove next to our hall (3 € each box).


Waste separation & recycling

The waste separation is practised strictly here in the nature reserve of Cilento. Please separate glass, plastic and cans, paper and organic waste. The bins are situated half way up on the car park behind the olive tree. Please scrunch the plastic bottles and cans to keep our waste volume as small as possible.

The glass bottles of the water are returnable bottles.  



The wind often blows up here and therefore we recommend not leaving anything outside, and use the clips for the washing. The sun umbrellas have to be closed when leaving the apartments.



Water shortage is a common problem during summer. Two water tanks and an artesian well is connected to our normal system to be able to supply all the Apartments with water even when the public water is turned off. We do therefore recommend a proper use of the water, especially when the water pressure appears not be continuously as this means that we are on well or tank water. You can use the water for cooking, but we recommend drinking bottled water.



During the dry summer fi re can arise very quickly. We ask for particular attention with cigarettes and candles. Barbecues can only be made in proper metal barbecues, and please make sure you deglaze the charcoal. Please inform us immediately in case of

fi re in the surrounding area or call the fi re brigade under the number 115.


Deposit and payment

Please hand in the deposit on your first day. We will return it than on your departure day. Please inform us about breakages in the apartments. Please make sure that all the equipment of the apartment is actually returned to the origin apartment on your departure day.

Unless different agreements, the balance of the rental fee should be paid within the first days of your stay. The payment of the bar products have to be done latest on your departure day.



The apartments have to be left at 11:00 in low season and at 10:00 in high season. Please let us know if those times are unsuitable for you.


Entrance gate

Our gate at the entrance is opening automatically from 7:30 to 19:30. Before and after those times the gate can be open with the apartment key. The keyholes for the manual opening of the gate is situated half way on the car park by the big olive tree, opposite the goats and from the outside just before entering the gate on the left side. In case of early departures the keys can be put in the metal box under the keyhole opposite the goat’s park.


Suggestions and comments

Your suggestions and comments in little things are always welcome.

Guestbook & Stones of Remembrance 

Right in front of the small piazza you find three cypresses where our stones of remembrance are. Former guests have painted them. You find paint in the bar for creating your very own stone. 

We also have a guestbook on our website, where you are invited to share your experience with other guests.  

                                                                           ...thank you very much!


Activities & Excursions


Campania and the Cilento are offering a wide range of different activities to all visitors - or just the „dolce far niente“. The Cilento is rich of nature and culture and offers a wide range of activities and places of interest. Here a few recommendations:  


Spring & autumn: trekking & beach walks

Spring is the best period of the year to discover the mountains and generally the plants and flowers of the national park of Cilento and at the end the recompense is always a great view from up there.  One of the most known trekking tours are Monte Stella with its great view and Monte Gelbison with its tall cross.

But there are also many other tours without having to reach high levels as for example the walk to Punta Licosa starting from San Marco up to the island Punta Licosa. Another one is the walk up to Monte Tresion up to the ruins of the old village of San Giovanni.

Autumn is the best period of the year for long walks on the beach. You can walk fpr hours between the peninsula of Punte Tresino and Punta Licosa and on clear days you can even enjoy the view on the Amalfi coast and even on Capri.

Good tips can be found under the App “Il cammino del Parco Nazionale del Cilento, Vallo di Diano e Alburni”  or  


By bike

The hilly hinterland and the windy roads along the coastline are just to inviting for road bike enthusiasts.  Directly from A´Cràpa Mangia go some nice tours in all levels of difficulty (easy, medium, Giro d‘Italia-Niveau). You will always be accompanied by gigantic views over the mountains or the sea.

But you can also enjoy those tours on horseback and mountain bikes.

Bike rental: Ciclidea, Via S.S. - km 90, Capaccio Scalo, Tel. 0828 723564. Pino speaks German and they rent out road bikes and mountain bikes. They can also organise guided tours.

Unfortunately not all tours are good signposted, but there are many guide books who describe the tours very good.   The description of our tours, as well as maps for them can be found in our bar, in the apartments or on our blog.


Culture in Cilento and Campania



Salerno is allocated 60 km north from Castellabate going towards Naples

Its wonderful seafront is inviting to shopping tours or just for nice walks. Not to forget the places of interest for the culture lovers, as for example the archeological excavations of Fratte, the mediaeval Castel of Arechi, the cathedral of Salerno, the archeological museum, the gallery of Pinakothe, and, and, and 


Only 15 km north from the Manor are the Greek temples of the archaeological excavations of Paestum from the period of the Magna Graecia. Opposite the excavation is the museum, and it is possible to buy combined tickets for excavation and museum.

Opening times:

Museum: every day from 8:30 – 19:00

Excavation:  Every day from 8:45 up to an hour before the sunset.

Closed every first and third Monday of the month.


Oasi Fiume Alento

Prignano Cilento is situated 15 km north- east from Castellabate, and the Natural park Oasi  Fiume  Alento offers all the Nature lovers a wide rang of activities. 

You can discover the park by food or by bike. Bikes can be rented there, and it is also possible to book horse riding tours there, too.

Opening times: every day from 9:00.



35 km south from A´ Cràpa Mangia is the Greek archeological site of Velia      

Opening times: every day from 10:00 – 18:00

Reduced tickets for children under 12 and visitors over 65 years.

Tipp: We do recommend to take the Superstrada in direction Vallo della Lucania and to take the road over the mountains to reach Palinuro as the road near PISCIOTTA may be closed due to a landslide.


Certosa di Padula – Charterhouse of Padula

The charterhouse of San Lorenzo is allocated in Padula and has been declared a World Heritage Site in 1998.

The whole Charterhouse, including the park measures 250.000 m²; 30.000 m² of them are the charterhouse itself.  It has 320 rooms and saloons. The cloister is one of the biggest of the world with its 12.000 m².

Padula is just after Sala Consilina and 125 km east from Castellabate.  

Opening times: from Monday to Sunday from 9:00 – 19:00. Closed on Tuesday.

Free entrance for people under 18 and over 65.

Young people between 18 and 25 can get a discount on the entrance fee. 


Grotto of Castelcivita

The stalactite cave is situated in Castelcivita, 68 km north from Castellabate. Different tours can be booked. We do recommend consulting their homepage regarding the opening times as they change depending on the season.   



Tours oft he cave of Busento can be booked, as well as enjoying the trekking tour to Conrada Isca.

Guided tours can be booked in italian and English. The tour itself to the cave is about 1,5 km.

The drive itself is about 1,40 h, passing Sala Consilina, Padula to reach than Bussento.


Capelli di venere – spectacular waterfall  

These natural water games called Capelli di Venere are allocated roughly one kilometer from Casaletto Spartano, a small community in the bay of Policastro, a magnificent spectacle of waterfalls which attract many tourists every year. Starting from „ Area Capello“it is possible to reach them by taking two different ways along the river Rio. Many years ago this was the only connection between Casaletto Spartano and the mountains. A mill can be found along the water, which has been recently refurbished, but in those days the power of the water has been used to do hard work. The main attraction is obviously the waterfall itself, which can be reached by taking a wooden footbridge. Even in high season the temperature is always pleasant there.

Amalfi Coast

The Amalfi Küste starts with Vietri sul Mare and takes you on a coastal highway passing Maiori, Amalfi, Positano up to Sorrento.

Vietri is well known due to its handmade pottery and the lemons which grow only there. Just over Vietri is Ravello with its attraction Villa Rufolo and its spectacular view overlooking the entire Amalfi coast.

The attraction of Amalfi is the cathedral of Sant´Andrea with it’s over 100 steps, allocation in the heart of Amalfi. Positano is known because of the „Moda Positano“. And then there is Sorrento – that point of the Amalfi Coast.  All sorte of boats are taking off from there nearly every 30 minutes taking the directions to Capri, Ischia or Procida.

We recommend to leave the car in Salerno on the Piazza della Concordia and to take a boat from there to Amalfi. Timetable can be found here:

Campania by night

Since a few years it is also possible to visit archeological excavations also in the evening. Further details here: 


…known as well as „Citta Partenopea“, which finds ist origin in the period oft he Magna Greca and can be translated with „undiscovered“. This was the name of a Greek siren, who gave the old town centre of Naples its name as she had its cult place in the bay of Naples.   About 850 B.C. it became „Palepolis“, the old town. 600 B.C it became „ Neapolis“  which means new town.

Naples is full of sights,, as for example Porta Capuana and Castel Capuano, the Cathedral, Cappella Sansevero with the Veiled Christ , the national archeological museum with found pieces of Pompei, Castel Nuovo known also as  Maschio  Angioino, Galleria UmbertoI, Palazzo Reale, Castel dell´Ovo and other interesting places.  


Pompeji und Herculaneum

Both archeological excavations are in 1,30 h drive from A´ Cràpa Mangia.

Pompeii and Herculaneum have both been destroyed by the eruption of Vesuvius in 79 BC and have been covered in more than 6 mt of ash and lapilli, and due to this this landscape has been uninhabited for several centuries.

While Pompeii impresses everyone due to its size, Herculaneum is well known due to its well kept paintings and mosaics.  


„Wenn bei Capri die rote Sonne im Meer versinkt…“, it is a famous German song, well you can say that you are rich on discovered things and impressions of the island. Capri is rich on many things as for example fashion, nature, culture …

Capri consists of two villages Capri and Anacapri.

Once reached the main piazza you can easily reach the gardens of Augusto. From there the view on the Charterhouse with the museum Diefenfach is spectacular, as well as the view onto the Via Krupp,  a serpentine path of 1,5 km which is connecting Capri with the coast. It got its name from its designer Friedrich  Alfred Krupp, who lived there often during the winter in the turn of the century and started to build it in 1900. This pathway was closed for the public for many decades and has been opened again in 2008 and has obviously become one of the main attractions of the island. One more attraction is „ I Faraglioni“, four conical and needle-shaped rock formations, on the southeast side of Capri.

Busses drive regularily to Anacapri.


Anacapri is known because of the Villa of San Michele, residence of Axel Munthe, a Swedish doctor and author.  In this Villa Axel Munthe wrote his biography „The book of San Michele“. Today it is possible to visit his living spaces, his art collection, the park and enjoying the marvelous view on the sea.

On the way to the Funicular which takes you up to the Monte Solare you pass just in front of many little shops which sell typical perfumes and liquors with the nuances and fragrances of Capri. Monte Solare is the highest point of Capri - unnecessary to mention the view from u there, the nature, the fauna ….


Arrival and departure times can be consulted here as well as further information about public transport on the island

Connections with Capri:  

Public transport on Capri:  


Restaurants and Bars


There are many good restaurants, here only a few suggestions:




Bar La Piazzetta:

On the piazzetta of Castellabate. At the weekend live music in the piazzetta..


IL Divino:

Excellent food in the piazza of Castellabate

Up to Easter open only from Friday to Sunday from 19:00, and on Sunday also open für lunch. Starting from Easter they are open every day. Phone: 0974 967178, mobile: 339 8080457. Luciano speaks English.

La Principessa:

Pick up service in a typical Ape possible.

Via But­tafuoco, Phone: 0974 967173.


Il Caicco:

excellent fish restaurant.

Via S. Bia­gio 8, Phone:  0974 967291.


Cantina Belvedere:

Excellent food and a wonderful view. Starting from y they ae open every day from 19:00. In low season open only from Friday to Sunday. Closed on Tuesday.

Via Belvedere

Phone. 0974 967030, Mobile 338 7935239.

Fioravante speaks English.


Locanda Badia:

Locanda Badia, a place where genuine ingredients are elaborated to become delicious typical local dishes. The Restaurant is allocated in the small streets next to the church of Castellabate and has the following opening times: Wednesday, Thursday and Friday only in the evening; Saturday open für lunch and dinner and on Sunday only for lunch

Via Veliventi,1

Phone. 0974 967429, Mobile 327 0724145.



Bar L‘Ancora:

Bar and Gelateria at the beginning of the lungomare of St. Maria.


Ci Vediamo da Mario:

Pizzeria with excellent fish starter, Birgit speaks German  

Up to June they are open every day from 19:00 and on Sunday also for lunch. From June open only in the evening from 19:00.                            Via Lungomare Pepi 118, Phone: 0974 965301; mobile: 339 8689811

I Due Fratelli:

Terrace with sea view opposite the petrol station. Open every day for lunch and dinner. In low season the restaurant is closed on Wednesday.

Via Sant‘ Andrea 13, Phone: 0974 968004

Lido Azzuro:

A nice Beachbar, really nice for lunch, in the evening only if you book a table.


Osteria del Pozzillo

Restaurant on the beach level, inside the Grand Hotel Santa Maria, with excellent fish food. The bar on the same level called Bar Osteria del Pozzillo has a wide range of light meals for lunch including the Acquasale del Cilento. Table reservation appreciated, especially at the weekend.                                                                    Phone: 0974 961001

Le Gatte

Excellent restaurant and pizzeria in a typical old building in Santa Maria. Starting from Ester the restaurant is open every evening and at the weekend also for lunch. Table reservation appreciated.

Phone: 0974 960255

Osteria 1861

Excellent and really elegant restaurant in an ancient building in the small backstreets of the lungomare Perrotti of Santa Maria. Tables inside and in the garden, and even if it hasn´t got a sea view, you can still here the sea. Closed on Tuesday also in high season. Table reservation appreciated.                        

Phone: 0974 961454


Bar Blue Eyes:

Bar and Pizzeria at Lungomare Bracale 52.

Pizzeria closed on Monday,                                                                                                          

Phone 0974 961629, Mobile: 338 5904361


Nello Pasta e Pizza:

It is a small but comfortable restaurant and pizzeria in a small street not far from the main square of Santa Maria. As it is a small restaurant they do recommend table reservation especially for groups.

Phone: 338 8431737



Bar Toretta:

It doesn´t matter if for warm dishes or something seat – you cannot pass it. The bar has inside and outside seating facilities. Allocated at the main round about. of San Marco.  


Ristorante K:

On the main square next to the church of San Marco Evangelista in San Marco. Excellent Fish restaurant, open every day for lunch and dinner. The owner Enzo speaks German.

Phone: 0974 96639



Ristorante Da Carmine:

Excellent Fish restaurant on the sea front with a wonderful terrace, overlooking the bay of Ogliastro Marina. In low season open only at the weekends: on Saturday only for dinner and on Sunday only for lunch.

Via Provinciale – Ogliastro Marina Phone 0974 963023.




Ristorante Eco del Mare:

In low season open from Friday to Sunday from 19:00, and on Sunday open also for lunch.              

Phone: 0974 960078.




Le Trabe:

Really trendy ambience.  

Via Capodifiumi 1, Phone 0828 724165





Ristorante Nettuno:

Next to the excavation of Paestum  

Via Nettuno, 2  - Phone 0828 811028


La Pergola:

In the centre of Capaccio Scalo opposite the petro station

Via Mag­na Grecia 1, Cappacio-Paestum,

Phone 0828 723377.


La Nonna Sceppa:

Typical local food next to the Hotel Ariston in Paestum,

Via Laura 53, Paestum, Phone 0828 851064.


Agriturismo Poder Rega

Via Porta Giustizia – Zona Archeologica, Paestum.

Phone 0828 722432 – table reservation appreciated.

Oasi del Granato

Small Trattoria with typical cilentanean food close to the place of pilgrimage of the Madonna del Granato in Capaccio Vecchio. Open only in the evening from Monday to Friday, at the weekend open also for lunch. Closed on Wednesday.

Phone: 339 8439864, Mobile: 329 3732692




good Pizzeria at the beginning of the Lungomare in Agropoli.



Slow Food is the name for all restaurants who are taking a particular attention and effort in the preparation of their dishes including also the ancient local traditions.

One of those is the Ristorante  Al Frantoio.

Al Frantoio:

Is the oil mill in San Mauro. We take our olives to them, too to get our own olive oil done by them. A´ Cràpa Mangia is a partner of them and therefore our guests can ask us for a coupon which authorizes them for a 10 % discount. Please feel free to ask us for them. The oil mill can also be visited.

Casal Sottano, San Mauro,

Phone: 0974 903243.


The Cilento generally has a particular focus on the traditions and on the good dishes. The squares of the mediaeval villages or by the sea are just a brilliant place to make them known. The choice of the dishes depends on the season and on the topic of the festivals.

All events and not only regarding Slow Food, but also sport events, concerts and trekking tours can be found under


Feel free to come and see us for further information.                                       



   … Buon Appetito!!!

Boat rental or excursions by boat



At Ogliastro Marina


Marina Boat Service:


Sergio Gorga:               +39 339 1184468


You can rent a boat and drive it yourself. The sizes of the boats are suitable for 6 to 8 people.



  • Half day (3 hours) in the morning or afternnon: 80 € + fuel


  • Full day depending on the size of the boat from 100 € up to 130 € + fuel.


  • Or for hours: 25 € / h + fuel.


The rental point is at the beach of Ogliastro Marina next to the Ristorante Il Ceflao.


Nautica Rosa Dei Venti:


Francesca Esposito:    +39 334 7793899

Nautica Rosa offers excursions by boat. Here some options:

  • Boat with glass bottom – suitable for 32 people.

For adults € 20 and children € 15.

  • Boat of 7 m length – suitable for 10 people.

For adults € 25 and children € 20.

  • Boat of 9 m length – suitable for 13 people.

For adults € 30 and children € 25.

  • Boat of 6 m length  – suitable for 6 people.

For adults € 20 and children € 15.


They are located at the entrance of Punta Licosa.  Passing the Ristoranate Da Carmine and keep going until you get to the gate of Punta Licosa at the end of the road. You can see their booth on the left side of the road. Minimun age for children is 5 years old.


In San Marco at the harbour:

Mare del Cilento – Sea rent and Rescue


Raffaele Restuccia:     +39 334 3876888

                                       +39 339 6989993


You can hire the boat or book an excursion. The fee for the excursion is € 15 per person and the excursion itself takes 3 h, which can be organized in the morning or in the afternoon.


They also have smaller boats, speedboats and wooden boats that can be rented. The prices are depending on the boat and do not include the fuel.

A bis Z
Ferries from San Marco- Agropoli- Amalfi - Capri - Neapel 
Fährverbindung Amalfi
Abfahrtszeiten San Marco Amalfi
Bus schedules

The busses pass by at the main road, where you can stop them with a show of hands. Just wait at the side of the street in the direction in which you want to go and signal by waving to the bus driver, that you are waiting for the bus and want to get on. 

It takes about 10 minutes by foot to arrive at the main road. You wil have to be there 5 minutes earlier / later than described in the schedule, as the times there are for the centre of Castellabate.

To get back to A' Crápa Mangia you can take the bus either in San Pietro at the pharmacy or in Santa Maria di Castellabate at the Piazza Padre Pio at the post office. 

You can find the bus schedules here as pdf or you can look them up here:

busfahrplan castellabate.PNG
Busfahrplan Aggropoli
Busfahrplan Aggropoli
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