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Your event on Á Crápa Mangia

Unforgettable parties and interesting workshops can easily be organized in our spacious lounge. It is not unusual for us to hold workshops here, which combine good food and relaxation. The best point is that all the participants can stay at Á Crápa Mangia.

Planning & Realisation

You are welcome to ask us for some support with the planning and realisation of your event!

​We can also book other equipment or services for you, and collaborate also with catering companies, event organizers, musicians and photographers of the area.

Grundriss Sparviero

Layout Event Space

Kitchen facilities

  • Fully- equipped kitchen with gas stove.

  • Barbecue with lava stones and pasta cooking machine

  • Steam cooker, professional pots and pans

  • Fridge and cold-storage room

  • Professional dishwasher, two kitchen sinks

  • Extra room with sink and store-room


  • Champagne glasses

  • Red and White wine glasses

  • Water glasses

  • Shot glass

  • Cutlery

  • Under plate

  • Dessert plate

  • Pasta- Soup plate

Features of the Lounge 

  • 100m²

  • Table and chairs for 36 guests

  • Beamer

  • Flipchart with facilitator´s toolbox  

  • Bose 5.1 Surround Sound

  • Large terrace with sea view

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